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The roll-neck was born as a functional classic but has grown to become a modern fashion staple. One that comes in various kinds and colours, one that is not subject to trends. The is a very versatile piece of clothing, often worn both formally and casually. As a matter of fact you can never go wrong with a roll-neck, which makes for the perfect investment piece for a modern man’s wardrobe.


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As with most menswear staples it shouldn’t be of surprise that the roll-neck has quite a history. The style actually dates back to the 15th century and it has been said that it was first worn by knights under their armour, serving as padding and protection from rashes and chafing. During the first and second World War, the British Royal Navy smartly issued these woolen pullovers with a long rollable neck. These roll-necks served a largely utilitarian purpose, to protect from the inclement weather - function over fashion.



As modern style began to develop in the later 19th century the roll-neck sweater made its transformation from being known to being worn. From sailors to athletes, to being associated with philosophers, poets, elites and other progressive figures that rejected traditional formal attire. The roll-neck even became the alternative for the traditional collar for your black tie dinner or event.


The roll-neck is now clearly associated with masculinity in its elegant simplicity. Our Arvid roll-neck sweater delivers effortless style and warmth thanks to its sumptuous cashmere fabric and soft cuff detail. The cashmere used for this timeless roll-neck sweater is spun in one of Italy’s most storied mills. Delicate and fine in texture ensuring a soft feel on the skin.




The different colours offered - black, mid grey, camel, beige melange and night blue emphasize the simplicity and elegance of the garment, enabling it to suit every style. Featuring a ribbed roll-neck that both enhances and maintains the shape even after everyday wear.


A roll-neck can be worn in many ways ranging from casual to formal. You can dress it up with a suit or a blazer, or dress it down with a casual jacket or other casual wear. Either way you’ll look effortlessly sharp.







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