SALLE PRIVÉE is a luxury label for men, also to be adored and worn by women. We have created, a single, complete, permanent range of iconic menswear essentials. In line with our aesthetic ideals and a conviction that true style extends to every facet of living, we also curate a collection of high-end lifestyle accessories and fragrances.

SALLE PRIVÉE represents a pioneering vision in the luxury segment. Unconventionally, the brand does not conform to seasons – instead, each garment or fragrance is designed to ensure timeless relevance. As a permanent collection, most of our collection is available throughout the year.

Founder Patrick Munsters:


“We have nothing new. And having nothing new is very new in fashion.” 

| Collection |

With an ongoing commitment to Emotional ComfortSALLE PRIVÉE presents the ultimate in contemporary menswear and fragrances (often worn by women). The process of achieving our goal is just as important as the end result. For every product category in our Collection, we have carefully sourced the most innovative, skilled and specialised makers.

| Journal |

Our ongoing series of Portraits guides you through personal journeys of style, telling the stories of inspiring men from around the globe – men we have named our ambassadors. Browse our Journal and enter the world of SALLE PRIVÉE.


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