Wayne Maser

Wayne Maser

An alchemic mix of endless curiosity and an insatiable search for novelty drive the work of intrepid photographer, Wayne Maser. He first made his name as one of the greats in fashion during the eighties.

After some years shooting exclusively for American Vogue in New York, Wayne’s quest for consistent change led him westward, and he decamped to Los Angeles to snap celebrity portraits and begin a first foray into video.

Today, the artist is back in New York, seeking the new and the unfamiliar within the technology of the times. The speed of Snapchat and of digital media suit Wayne’s hunger for change. Only one thing remains constant throughout his 30-year career – the items in his closet.

In your career, the only constant has been change. Is the quest for novelty a core principle that determines your way of life?

I am not someone who really has a style. I wake up every day and do whatever I want that day. I don’t know how some people can take the same picture every day. I can’t do the same thing the same way twice. That’s just the way I’m wired.

 “I have had a lack of style in my career
because every day I try to do something different.
But I always wear the same clothes.”

Does this approach extend to the way you wear clothes?

Being a photographer who works in magazines, the last thing you want is to wear something that people can tell where it’s from. I think, as you get older, you look stupid if you try to look hip. I have things in my wardrobe that are 30 years old. Every day I try to do something different, but I always wear the same clothes.

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What single attribute is essential to what you do?

Good taste - that’s all you really need. Nothing else has to change.

You have said fashion photographers, if they are lucky, are able to pose and attempt to answer their own questions. What has been the persistent, nagging question you’ve always returned to?

Is fashion too frivolous?

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What makes a project for you something that you are passionate about?

It has to be something of interest. I am interested in opportunities that let me do something I have always wanted to do. Above all, something new.



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