DR Andrew Cook

DR Andrew Cook

Dr Andrew Cook is a heart specialist working in the fields of prenatal diagnosis, surgical and minimally invasive intervention. During his work at King’s College, UCL & Great Ormond Street Hospitals in London, Andrew has specialised in correlating cardiac structure with imaging before birth.

Andrew currently works on mapping heart function with micro-architecture, design of devices for non-surgical intervention, and the causes of heart defects in children using deep-phenotyping and high-resolution 3D imaging. He runs regular courses in London and worldwide on the structural architecture of the heart related to diagnosis, surgical or catheter intervention.

Did you grow up dreaming of being a doctor?

In fact, no. At first I wanted to be a farmer, then a vet. The latter got me interested in all things biological, but I also had a desire to find out how things work, so medical research was an obvious direction for me.
There is nothing more complex and fascinating than the human body.

"I admire practicality in design
– something that makes sense but still looks great."

Which aspect of your work captivates you most deeply?

Seeing the heart beating while it is still growing and maturing. It fascinated me at the beginning of my career and still does now. The thing that I like the most about my job is the variety in the work I do, whether I’m working with 3D printed models or training doctors to detect heart problems before birth. There is constant innovation in my field. During my career I’ve seen the first heart operations on babies in the womb.

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What qualities do you most admire in people?

People with vision; those who see a way forward and pursue it even when it is not clear to anyone else.

"Anything is possible, 
you just need to find the right people, the right contacts."

How do your pastimes and your work influence your style?

I grew up by the sea in Suffolk, in small fishing town called Aldeburgh. I remember spending a lot of my childhood outside so the beach, sea and river formed a big part of my early life. Ever since, I've loved doing anything on, in or under the water. Clothing for me needs to be practical and easy, so it is all about those details. I admire practicality in design – something that makes sense but sill looks great.

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Is there a person whose style or dress sense you have always loved?

I always admired my grandfather for his style. He was a tailor by profession so would dress impeccably everyday, regardless of what he was doing.



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